jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

Poema de cumpleaños

Ergina driving around.

Around drives Ergi.

She drives, ergo be aware.

Of the crazy Greek roundaboutcrasher.

Never mind the road signs.

Never mind the pedestrians.

Bollocks, never mind them.

Once she’s at the wheel,

She metamorphoses into

Kornelia Kirilova,

The well-known lap dancer,

And pretends the brakes are the pole,

A Pole by the pole.

No wonder she charges into street fights:

Erginsky & her car VS driving instructor & boyfriend.

She’s turning 37 today.

A stunning age,

For a stunning lady,

Who might as well come from Stonehenge,

Spitting on pans and such.

I still hope she will manage to get a driving license,

Plus the house,

Plus the little people.

Do visit me, plus.



"Poet" with Birthday Girl, ages ago. Mildenhall Road. London.